High School Help Documents

If you follow these directions from start to finish – you should be able to create and run a meet successfully. Please email us for more help if your questions are not answered here!

High School Annual Checklist

Create a Free ScoreFlippers AccountGo to scoreflippers.com, click the LOGIN button and then the REGISTER button.
Purchase A High School License
Delegate Your Gym ManagerIf the coach/gym manager did not make the scoring License purchase (sometimes the A.D. has done this), the purchaser will need to login and delegate the coach as the Gym Manager before the coach will be able to make edits to teams/athletes.
Change/Update Gym InfoDon’t forget you can add your H.S. logo to this page for customization.
Retire Non Participating AthletesWe never delete athletes, we “retire” them so there statistics are available forever.
Register New AthletesYour athlete may already be in our system from previous H.S. or even Club gymnastics. You want to make sure you don’t create a new athlete if they already exist. This keeps their statistics all in one Athlete Profile.
Grant Coach PermissionsIf there are other coaches, you can delegate them access to the team.
Link Coaches to TeamsLink your coaches to teams and mark the Head Coach in check box.
Upload Team Photo
Upload Athlete PhotosThis is a fun feature if you use the scoreboard feature. Your athlete’s photo will be posted with their score on the board.

Create A MeetIf you are the host site, you can create the meet and invite the teams.
Edit Meet DetailsChange # of vault attempts or how to calculate tie breaks as well as give more information to the fans about the meet.
Add Athletes & Teams to MeetFind the gyms/teams coming to your meet and add.
Scratches / Athlete Eligibility / Team ScoringMake scratches and manage if athletes are eligible for AA or specific events + team scoring.
Get QR Code to Live ScoringPrint or download a unique QR code for your meet that takes fan directly to the scoring page.
ScoreboardsSet up live scoreboards that instantly recalculate and display scores all meet long.
Score EntryHow to do score entry at your meet.
Pre Meet ReportsRotation schedules, scorecards, announcer sheets, rosters and more!
During Meet ReportsScore entry log, verifications, awards worksheet.
Post Meet ReportsMeet scores and certificates.

Question: How do I handle a Varsity and JV meet at the same time?

ANSWER: 1) These meets are handled as 2 separate meets. Create both meets, then from your computer open 2 browser windows. You can switch between the windows to do score entry and see results. This is handled as 2 meets to keep the team scoring calculations accurate.

Question:I have a number of gymnasts that have graduated to area high school programs… I need to remove a bunch of gymnasts that are listed.CLICK HERE

ANSWER: 1) Gymnasts that were in your program, will always be under your gym for HISTORY and STATS. If they will not be active this year (or future) do nothing to them. Costs you nothing to have them there.
2) Gymnasts that TRANSFER – will need to notify the REGISTRAR (Me) and advise what gym to transfer them too. The receiving gym will then have them to work with/activate (and pay for). The stats for their previous experience with your gym will still be there for history sake.

Note – To better understand athletes that were in your program and are no longer there: They only appear in HISTORY of your Gym/Teams based on the stats in the system. They also only appear in your GYM MANAGEMENT screen. Only ACTIVE/PAID Athletes appear to the public view. So there is nothing that needs to be done with them.
If it’s requested, we could build a function to HIDE an athlete. However the current concern is that if we hide an “INACTIVE” athlete then there’s the possibility of them needing to be reactivated, then they’d be duplicated if someone registers them again not using the INACTIVE (or hidden) athlete. This would break the athlete ID and history of that athlete.